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CA$60m Lotto MAX Jackpot is Someone’s Dream Come True

It is encouraging, even exciting, for lotto players to hear the stories of big winners. You imagine yourself in the same shoes.

There is an ecstatic 57-year-old woman in Toronto who garnered a CA$60 million jackpot. But she had to play with the same numbers for twenty years! Not surprising that her husband remarked that “All of the difficulties are behind now” after receiving the enormous cheque. What is remarkable is that he had seen the numbers in a dream.

Her story goes back to 1980 when she immigrated to Canada from Laos along with her fourteen siblings. Her family was poor and had to be supported financially by a local church. She working for over forty years as a general laborer, the grandmother of two, but was laid off last spring due to the pandemic.

What happened next would change her life. She was at a local mall on Yonge in North York in the midst of doing some errands when she checked her Lotto Max ticket. She had won a Free Play so she decided to add Encore. But the story doesn’t end here. Shock! The ticket was worth CA$60 million on December 1st.

Imagine the feelings she and her husband underwent. She was “ecstatically happy and crying at the same time” as she put it. While she had always prayed for a blessing, this was beyond the pale.

What now? She and her husband plan to buy a new house, pay off some bills, help their family, and travel after the pandemic is over. Everyone can certainly now afford to do what they want – and need. Surely she will treat herself to something grand.

Source: https://www.casinoreports.ca/2021/01/21/ca60m-lotto-max-jackpot-dream-come-true/

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Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch

Melissa Critch is a lawyer by day and journalist in the free time. She likes to fact check and report latest Canadian news.

Melissa's hobby is to surfboard on the biggest sea waves possible.

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