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Differences Between the French and Canadian Online Casino Industries

We hear more and more how online gambling is on a rapid rise. It is certainly true for France and Canada. Both countries have distinct online sectors in terms of legislation and game preferences.

Starting with legislation, we know that France reformed their gambling regulation in 2019 while currently, Canada is going through reform changes to be implemented over the coming year.


The laws governing gambling and online casinos are stricter in France than in Canada. It might seem odd given that the country has a gambling culture that dates back several years, but the reverse is true as excessive regulations govern gambling within the country.

While gambling, including online, has been legalized in France, unfortunately, French online sites are not permitted to offer access citizens and residents, including sports betting, poker, and horse wagering.

Canada, by contrast, leaves gambling licensing and regulation to the purview of each province. France has three main bodies responsible for carrying out regulatory functions, each with different functions. In 2010, when France legalized online gambling, ARJEL was established as the regulatory body.

Affiliate sites

Since online casino games are not legal in France, local casino game enthusiasts turn to offshore sites. Due to the enormous European growth, combined with changing and sometimes conflicting regulations, online players use affiliate sites created by and for French players.

Such sites focus on the French market and are still highly recommendable to French- speaking Canadians. For one, Jeuxdcasino.com have expertise provides trustworthy information to all French speakers within any country.


The state of affairs of online gambling can be confusing in Canada. Here, there is no general law that openly bans or permits establishing online casinos within Canada. Each province has its own gambling regulatory body; thus, online casino legality differs from province to province.

Note that in all ten provinces, it is still illegal for Canadian citizens or casino operators to operate online casinos. Quebec is one province that has regulated official platforms, so they provide online gaming options to residents, including casino games.

As yet, laws do not exist banning foreign online casinos from offering their services or preventing players from using them. Canadian casino game enthusiasts visit offshore online casinos to enjoy their favorite games.

Popular casino games in France and Canada

Each country has different interests and choice of games. Both France and Canada share a passion for gambling but differ in their preferences of casino games. Canadian players value the vast number of online slot machines. The slot is by far the most popular casino game in Canada both online and in land-based venues. Other Canadian favorites are online baccarat and poker.

As for French players, they love playing roulette and do so by visiting online sites. The Poker Table game is highly sought after. These two casino games are more skill than luck-based. In addition, French players enjoy spinning the reels of slots online.

When it comes down to brass tacks, there is not a big difference between the two countries apart from the online gambling legislation that governs Canada and France. Why? Online casinos are not allowed to be established from within these two countries, so citizens and residents turn to foreign sites to try their hands at their favorite games.

Source: https://www.westislandblog.com/online-casinos/

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