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Online Casinos Rank High Among Canadian Players

Canadians reportedly fork over a whopping C$31 billion yearly on casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and slots.

In fact, 76% of Canadian adult citizens participate in online gambling, clearly the fastest growing sector in terms of local popularity. Tens of thousands of visitors go online each day to satisfy their hunger for gaming. After all, now there is so much free time!

No doubt a lot has to do with the pandemic and intermittent lockdowns. Of course, land-based casinos are out of action, forcing diehard players to seek online sites. It is even more true in provinces that do not have a local option.

In terms of legalities, only governments can own and operate casinos – including those online. Their purview does not reach those with headquarters outside of Canada. More and more are appearing all the time to meet demand.

Players are not reticent to go online as they have come to trust that their information is safeguarded. As confidence grows, so does the number of players. Cybersecurity is vital for cash transactions over the internet. In fact, security and payment processing software is stronger on websites and will only strengthen with time.

Reward programs are playing their part in drawing players in. What a brilliant marketing technique! Who doesn’t relish a welcome bonus like free spins on slots and loyalty programs.

This is how savvy casinos online generate that steady stream of new customers. It is all about competition and they know how to prevail. There is a constant battle for players, thus the many incentives on offer. Land-based venues are nowhere near these benefits.

Meanwhile, slots rank high among Canadian players as they are very simple to play and offer so many different themes.

Canadian women seem to play more than males even if males make up the larger percentage of regional gamblers.

The other most popular casino games are roulette and poker, both traditional table games. Literally thousands partake game such that many casinos now hold online poker tournaments and special events.


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Hailey Faith

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