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What are the Biggest Casino Wins in Gaming History?

Who does love a good luck story? In the casino sector, there are many. So just what are the biggest wins of all time? No doubt they include slots.

With all the huge bonuses around in land-based and online casinos, no wonder the wins are growing. Getting rich quick is no longer a pipe dream.

Slots yield big wins

Serious gamblers may not prefer them, but slots yield big wins. One Los Angeles software engineer knows this for a fact. In 2003, he left the Excalibur a multi-millionaire. It took only $100 on Megabucks to go home with almost forty million, promised in annual payments.

Yes, a lot of history is made in Las Vegas. A World War II retiree who liked to play for fun hit it big in 1989 at the newly-opened Mirage. His take was $4.6 million. His luck didn’t stop there as sixteen years later at the age of 92, he won a further $21.14 million on odds of one in fifty million odds of coming in.

Bally’s casino boasts of a similar landmark win of $22.6 million on a lucky spin. In the same city, a 67-year-old retired flight attendant headed to the Palace Station Hotel’s casino, already having garnering a $680,000 win on a Wheel of Fortune in a prior month. Then, OMG, she left a happy woman because a modest bet $300 raised a whopping $27 million.

It only takes one time

It happens to the average Joe and it may only take one casino visit. Some winners are novices like a woman who raked in $34.95 million from a Megabucks slot, after the ninth try. Of course, her life changed dramatically.

It could be just a whim to try your luck. A young man at the Excalibur for a basketball game put up $100 to pass the time at the video slots. He couldn’t image what happened next. He was now richer by $39.7 million on odds of sixteen million to one. So, you can in fact beat the odds!

A high-stakes winner

Anyone can have the luck of the Irish. One high-stakes bettor major player in the US poker scene took a huge loss of $2 million in a Los Angeles game. Not one to bury his head in the sand, he headed to Las Vegas intending to lay out a $50. He ran into an old pal who lent him $10,000 for the high-stakes game.

In a matter of hours, the gambler had won $17 million. Amazingly, over the next three years his winnings totaled $40 million. Even more amazing, he quickly lost a quarter of the money at craps games, a poker game and high-stakes baccarat. Easy come, easy go.

Source: https://mtltimes.ca/life/the-7-biggest-casino-wins-of-all-time/

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