5G Could Reshape The Automotive Industry


Freeman Shen, a former senior manager at Fiat Group China and Geely Holding Group, has founded electric vehicle startup WM Motor Technology Group in China in 2015 and from that moment on, his ambitions continued to grow. Shen spoke at the Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou on Thursday. He said that it is the right time for him to leave his high-level corporate stints behind. Instead, he will launch an electrical vehicle startup.

The time is right for Shen, because the EV sector in China is still small and unnoticeable so with the right approach, he could be the pioneer to something great. When asked why he would do such thing, Shen replied:

“Because I know 5G is coming!”

Shen’s company, WM Motor, has already delivered its first vehicles in September 2018. In the last two years or so, the company delivered more than 15,000 cars. WM Motor’s strategy is simple – produce affordable electric passenger cars “en-masse” so the market will take it all.

The electric cars are running on charged batteries, taking the power from the grid. When the power levels are low, it distributes it back into the grid. Shen claims that WM’s vehicles are not just some simple transport devices that conserve energy and preserve the environment.

These cars can serve as “smart mobility terminals” These cars also contain 5G, the fifth-generation cellular network technology that enables faster speed and trustier connections.

Two years ago WM Motors started working on their first 5G cars. Shen is hoping that his company will be one of the first startups that will launch a 5G car on the road.

“4G is like driving on the high-speed interstate highway. 2G is like driving on a country road. But 5G is like driving an airplane.” Shen says.

Shen also stated that “if you don’t have 5G, the car is not safe.” He believes that the automotive industry is all about safety and survival, something that must be never forgotten. Driverless cars connected to 5G are constantly connected to traffic signals which means that there is a sophisticated system that monitors the road and that connects one car with another. Cars connected through 5G can share data and perform more safely in the traffic. Also, the higher network speed of 5G is usually associated with faster streaming and more powerful downloading capabilities.

Also, the higher network speed means less delay in data transmission. That also means that vehicles will respond much faster on command. Through this method of data management and with such an advanced level of technology, it seems that human-driven vehicles could be obsolete in the near future. Also, the roads would be much safer.

“If you don’t have 5G you just cannot make it,” Shen says.

China has started investing heavily in 5G technologies. The country’s three major telecom providers announced that they will release their 5G service before schedule, and after South Korea, China is the second country in the world to launch fifth-generation technology.


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