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AAF- American alliance of football on sports betting

The American alliance football AFF is probably a league formed for sports betting though that was not the first of their reasons when it was observed in the first week.  However, when the results were looked upon it was really encouraging for the officials. Although, there were no numbers or no history to support the bets, the bookmakers were evidently busy at the window for betting during the four contests. The precise figures are not revealed at the moment but one of the bookmakers belonging to Westgate super book from Las Vegas associated this action with the NBA sports.

Jay rood the VP of race and sports shared the news that the wagering was light but the results were triple to what they anticipated. While this is thought to be a successful event we do not know what actually the plans of the league were when it was started this year.

The founders of the league were open in their wish to use the new sports betting platform in the US. Charlie Ebersol said that the aim was to “revolutionize the sports betting experience.” The co-founder also stated that the number and size of the bets placed on the players and their performances will decide the salaries. The gamblers can bet with the AFFs specialised mobile app. However, the app was a failure as seen in the twitter posts of the users. They found out that it had many issues like freezes. The AFF people did not give any explanations or commented regarding this app issue.

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