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Adam Pacman Jones arrested

According to police records Adam Pacman Jones, the NFL Cornerback of age 35 was arrested early morning on Wednesday at an Indiana Casino. A Rising Sun casino table games room reported to the Indiana Gaming Commission between 12am and 3am about a man who was assumed to be cheating.

Adam Pacman Jones was imposed with riotousness, matchmaking, misbehavior and drunk in public. The agents reported that Jones immediate reaction was disturbing and suspecting, as he was resisting arrest. He was verbally abusive and threatening. The very same day at around 3:10am, he was arrested and put inside the Dearborn County Law Enforcement.

Jones signed the Broncos at the end of August. He was playing as a free agent at the beginning of a new league year. However, the Bengals later declined his contract for the year of 2018. Jones was released in November after he played seven games with Broncos.

Jones played from 2010-2017 with the Bengals in National football league and spent most of his career in Bengal. In Cincinnati, Jones had to deal with the law enforcements multiple times. A number of videos were released in the year of 2017, where he was seen abusing and arguing with the police in the paths of Downtown. He was also charged for blocking official business.

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