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This year the Adobe Max Creativity Conference was held in Los Angeles from 4th to 6th of this month. With this event, there’s one thing for sure; there will be debuting of new product updates which makes it even more exciting.

Adobe Max which is held annually by Adobe systems brings together all the creative minds from artists, designers, developers to business owners. At this event, the attendees get to learn new skills, discuss trends and of course discover the latest technology the company has to offer.

Another section of the event is the sneaks, which is a set of previews that the company showcases. Among these sneaks is an upcoming streaming function that is not only appealing but also necessary if you are a savvy designer who wants to share your skill with clients, future employers or other upcoming designers.

According to a post by The Verge, Creative Cloud apps will get a built-in streaming function. This innovation was inspired by Twitch and YouTube where designers have been sharing their workflow with others.

The beauty of this feature is that unlike YouTube it will be easy to operate. All you have to do is to hit a button that confirms the starting of your streaming. Once you are done, the function will generate a link that you can now share with whoever you wish. Pretty straightforward don’t you think?

With this ease in sharing you will not need to create piles of portfolio to impress your next client because what they need is just a link away. A simple click on the link will show them if you are the designer for the job.

As a freelancer, you also get to share with clients and get instant feedback on the tweaks required. You will save time here because you will do the changes as you work.

Another plus for this feature is that your viewers can comments or ask questions on the app. If you are very good at your skills, you can even create your own online course and earn extra money on the side like on Patreon and Skillshare.

Having the ability to stream your step by step workflow is a major advantage to both instructors and learners of design. While on YouTube has already been done, sometimes instructors have been forced to jump some few steps to save on time but with this app you are sure to catch all the nitty-gritty that goes into a particular design.

Currently, the streaming function is undergoing beta-testing on Adobe Fresco.

Away from that, other updates include the anticipated Photoshop version for iPad which will be rolled out pretty soon. Illustrator’s mobile version will also launch by next year and together with iPad’s Photoshop will both feature the streaming function.

This year’s Adobe Max’s Sneaks were pretty awesome. Some that caught our eye were; Project Sweet Talk- which is a feature that animates any type of static picture whether a sketch, painting or a statue. Next is Project Sound Seek which will help you find specific sounds from an audio recording. And finally, Project All In which ensures that everyone is in a group photo without the need for either a tripod or timer. It identifies who’s missing in the photo and adds them to the photo.

To watch other amazing Sneaks, head over to Adobe’s official website.


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