Adobe Introduces Its New App Photoshop Camera


Adobe recently announced a new app which will basically let users utilize select Photoshop editing features directly through a smartphone’s camera. The app, named Photoshop Camera is a step forward to creating product for a larger consumer audience which expands upon its core user group of professionals and designers. “The core genesis was: Can we unleash creativity for everyone, not just professionals?” Abhay Parasnis, Adobe CTO, told Fast Company, “If we’re going to do it, the camera is the perfect app, because capture is the new creative tool.”

Photoshop Camera makes it easy to create and share creative images from your phone’s camera to social media apps. It includes Adobe Sensei, smart camera technology to automatically improve photo quality. Users can apply separate effects to different areas such as brighten a dark area and not blow out a white spot in the same frame. Moreover, Photoshop Camera will let users export their images as Photoshop .PSD files for additional editing. Parasnis and his crew hope this will inspire users to upgrade to paid Photoshop memberships.

The app’s image processing happens offline, which means Adobe is not gathering photographs taken with the app or uploading any user’s images to its server. However, to operate the app, your phone has to have at least iOS 12 or Android 9.

You can find out more about Photoshop Camera on Adobe’s website, which is going to launch in 2020. The forthcoming app is available as a preview for select users at the moment. When it will launch next year, Photoshop Camera will offer a range of custom editing “lenses” designed by artists such as Billie Eilish.


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