AirPods Pro’s Noise Cancellation Feature Works Superbly


You’ve probably heard that Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro will be hitting the market on October 30th which is tomorrow.

These AirPods are not only appealing but are also light and packed with awesome features not found in its predecessors.

First off, the AirPods Pro comes with three silicone tip sizes in its box to help users ascertain which tip size works for them. Apple has done a good job here factoring in the different ear shapes and sizes.

To help you get a good seal with the silicone tips, iOS has a built-in fit test that briefly plays some music to give you ample time to decide on what works for you.

The internal-facing microphone then helps to compare the sound you are hearing to the speaker driver’s output and if there’s much difference, you are required to try a different size.

Apple has confirmed that many users opt for different tip sizes for each ear which is recommended because well…comfort is key. And if you happen to lose your tips, Apple has replacements in each size which you can get at their retail stores.

In-ears earbuds usually cause discomfort for some people because of the pressure build-up in the ears. This can also occur if you are wearing a silicone seal that is a size too small for you.

So to counter this, Apple strategically placed a vent system into the AirPods Pro which helps balance pressure on both earbuds by preventing air build-up.

You are probably wondering where the Noise Cancellation part comes in, so here we are.

With the multi-microphone system placed in each earbud, AirPods Pro is able to analyze external sounds and with its anti-noise feature it cuts it out. Although this is how all earbuds should work, AirPods Pro goes the extra mile of blocking out noise even in the noisiest street which is simply remarkable.

The noise cancellation works independently in each earbud therefore, you can opt to use only one and still have noise blocked out.

According to Apple, when the “Noise Cancellation” is on, the AirPods can run for 4.5 hours continuously without requiring a recharge. And when your battery is dead, you can power it for more than 24 hours using its carrying case.

Noise Cancellation can be controlled from the Control Center, iOS settings, using Siri voice command and clicking the force sensor on each earbud.

To come back to reality, you can switch to the Transparency Mode which lets you hear what’s happening around you. Holding the force sensor lets you transition to this mode and to confirm this, you will hear a soft chime indicating that you can now listen to your surroundings.

You can also converse with peers while on Transparency mode without shouting and raising eyebrows. The vent system plays a huge role here as it equalizes the pressure inside your ears and the pressure outside.

The AirPods Pro is also a good workout companion because it is light. However, you have to ensure it fits snuggly because you can’t risk losing it. For safety purposes, you should consider switching the Transparency mode on to keep you aware at all times.

Apple has really done their homework on this device because it is efficient and the sound quality is also superb.

There are other premium earbuds from other manufacturers that you may consider checking out. These are; Echo buds, Powerbeats Pro and Sony’s 1000X M3’s.


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