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Canada Games Gender Inclusion Policy Updated for 2019 Games

Sports and Wellness are one of the zones of human effort that is still principally isolated by sexual orientation. In this era of uniformity and human rights, sports stays isolated based on the comprehension and prejudice which are, both implicit and explicit by nature. More than 100,000 competitors have contended in the Winter Olympic Games since its debut year in 1967. The Games are a stepping stone for international exposure and fame not only for athletes but mentors and authorities as well.

This year, the Canada Games are subject to a new gender inclusion policy which sees them open doors to athletes from all races and sexual orientation. Red Deer, the official venue of the Canada Games has gender inclusion signages all around the venue which read,” Within these walls, you are welcomed, accepted and respected. Feel at home.”

Canada Games is reportedly the only Multi-Sport event that includes able-athletes, para and Specially-abled Olympic athletes for participation. The Games is one of the most integrated multi-disciplinary events in the world.

“We want to send a note that all athletes and participants of the year are welcome and safe at the Canada Games,” says Aaron Bruce, Vice-President (Sport), Canada Games Council. The declaration comes after U Sports, which is the authorizing body for University games in Canada, reported an updated transgender policy in September that enables competitors to contend on teams that agree with their gender status. This means that the path for human equality by gender is no more a dream but has become a finite reality.

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