Firefox Promises Uninterrupted Browsing Starting Next Year


We all hate popups! Especially those that won’t barge until you say “allow notifications”. Well for that, there is hope, Mozilla promises to help users experience browsing free of pop-ups on Firefox starting next year.

In a blog post, Mozilla explains that they decided to take a no notification approach because of a study they had conducted on consumer behavior.

According to the study, 99% of users visiting sites do not accept notification prompts. 48% of the users were also seen to deny the prompt altogether.

The research also concluded that repeatedly prompting users to accept notifications rarely had positive outcomes. In fact, it is a major turnoff and can make the user search for another site that has lesser interruptions.

Once Firefox version 72 will be rolled sometime next year, you will realize that there will be no notification popups. However, if you want to get notifications from a given site, you will be able to do so by going to a message icon at the URL bar and select “Allow Notifications” as usual.

Notifications are not only annoying but they can also deceive users into downloading malware. Another negative aspect of notifications is that you can be forced to serve some web ads. According to one malware analyst, notification spams have become the main source of user complaint thus replacing adware.

2020 is a month away but Mozilla has decided to reward its client base with a sneak peek of what no-notification browsing feels like. Firefox version 70 now handles notification quite differently.

When browsing a site that has a notification pop up on version 70, you get to select the “Never Allow” option instead of “Not Now” which will ultimately bring up the notification once again. With “Never Allow” no-repeat notifications come up again on the same site. This is better than nothing, right? This could serve as a teaser before the actual reveal of version 72.

If this change has already started, maybe it is time we dumped Chrome and rushed over to Firefox. Although Mozilla is the first browser to announce this upgrade, there are rumors that Google is also doing some research on the same.

And if Google is starting on this, it seems that blocking notifications will become the next best browser upgrade coming our way.

We can’t wait to stop dismissing pop-ups and reading full articles without having to stop midway to disallow annoying notifications.

Mozilla has truly done their homework in learning what will keep us glued to the screen. This will definitely pay up for the browser before its competitors catch up.

As for sites that force us to allow notifications just to read their content this is the ultimate stopper. Whether these sites like it or not, on Firefox, we as users have the freedom to read without allowing notifications.

For now, we can deal with the notifications with the “Never Allow” option on version 70, but come next year, having notifications blocked by default will be the best way to start 2020.


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