Google’s .new Shortcuts to be Extended to Other Websites


When Google introduced the .new shortcuts last year, G Suite users couldn’t be happier. The .new shortcuts came to save us time when doing necessary tasks such as opening a new document.

Since it is a shortcut, users are exempted from going the long way of doing things. The .new shortcut entails of a keyword plus the domain, for instance, is the shortcut for opening Google Docs.

G Suite, which is Google’s set of tools and software, enjoys the .new domain in most of the tasks. Examples of these shortcuts include; (Google Sheets), (Google Slides), (Google Calendar) and (Google Keep) among others
This year, Google has announced that the .new shortcut will be extended to other websites outside the G Suite umbrella.

Apart from that, Google has also announced that users will be able to register their online shortcuts under a .new domain of their own.

Now, how cool is that?

Imagine how first it would be to go to a blog post that you were working on without having to sign in and scrolling through other posts.

In fact, these shortcuts could save you from online distractions that always catch your eye when waiting for a site to open.

According to Google, starting from December 2nd, anyone interested in having a .new domain can apply for registration.

Google shared with The Verge that Google Registry will start allocating the first batch of applicant domains as of January 2020.

This simply means that if you want to start using your .new domain fast, you should have your eyes on December 2nd. You can even schedule a reminder for it.

For trademark owners, to register for the shortcut is possible even now. However, it has a deadline which is January 14th 2020.

There are companies that already have .new domains such as Spotify, Canva, Bitly, Coda, OVO, Sound, Webex, Runkit and Stripe.

With everyone having the ability to get a .new domain next year, Google has planned out different pricing for different domains.

Although Google has not outlined its pricing strategy, it has confirmed that prices will vary depending on where you buy the domain name.

That is to say, some registrar partners will be costly while others may be affordable.

For the .new shortcut, Google has already set up a policy that requires the domain to send the user directly to action or shortcut that is expected by the user.

If a domain doesn’t comply then Google will either suspend it or delete it completely. This is like preventing click baits (if we can call it so) in the shortcuts.

Google is surely ahead of itself which is quite commendable. Without a policy like this, we’ll have shortcuts that may lead us to a completely different location altogether.

Living in a time when technology is required to be faster than it already is, Google expanding on its shortcuts is a good move. We can’t ascertain the success of this just yet but one thing is for sure, many individuals and organizations will be interested in the .new shortcuts.


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