Has Samsung’s “Space Selfie” Project Flopped?


Samsung has been working on their Space Selfie project which promised users that they will have their face in space pretty soon. The project was a PR stunt for the S10 Plus phone which according to its creators was designed to fit the job.

On October 24th, Samsung had launched an event to promote its latest smartphone, Galaxy S10 Plus at its new Samsung KX experience space.

The colorful event was filled with celebrities among them Cara Delevingne who was nominated as the Space Selfie Project Pioneer. The actor, model and philanthropist expressed that she was honored to be nominated by the tech giant.

At the event, Cara took a group selfie which was to be sent to space as the world’s first space selfie.

However, on Saturday, Nancy Welke and her husband heard a noise in their horse farm only to find a strange object had landed on their property.

The Welkes whose farm is located in Merril Central Michigan, had no idea what the fallen object was.

The contraption that had landed on the farm had two logos, one was Samsung’s and the other was for Raven Industries which is a company in South Dakota. The company specializes in making agriculture satellite devices and altitude balloons.

Nancy Welke also shared with MLive that representatives from Raven Industry came to pick up the device but were discrete in disclosing who they were and what the craft’s purpose was. The only thing they shared with the farm owners was that it had been launched at Iowa and was taking photographs.

Ever since the craft crush, controversies over the designation of the contraption has been brooding. According to University of Southampton Astrophysics Professor, Hugh Lewis, the contraption was to travel a distance of about 25 km to 35 km since it had been attached to a high altitude balloon.

At that altitude, Hugh Lewis claims that the sky is black and the earth’s curvature can be seen giving an impression of space.

This logic has been countered by other international agencies which hold that the contraption was set to travel up to 100 km into the atmosphere where the Karmen line is located.

In a statement by Samsung’s spokesperson, the contraption had fallen due to the adverse weather condition.

And we can say the company surely is lucky because there were no damages associated with the craft’s landing.

Apparently, the Welke’s farm was not the only location that experienced Samsung’s object landing. In the town of Wheeler some miles from the Welke’s farm, the large balloon perched on a power line causing a 2 hour power outage.

With the crushing contraptions, it is highly unlikely that Cara Devingne’s selfie reached space. Therefore, Samsung has some recalculations to do if their project is to pull through.

It is still unclear whether the tech giants will pull down their Space Selfie project following the crush. The project was scheduled to end on October 31st but has been brought to an early halt.

Although Samsung has not communicated on the future, pulling down the project’s website tells us a lot.


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