Hideo Kojima Expresses Interest To Venture Into Filmmaking


Hideo Kojima, in an interview with the BBC about his new game, Death Stranding, said that Kojimo Productions, his studio, will venture into filmmaking. However, this is not too surprising as Kojima is well-known for taking a film-like approach to game design while also being ill-reputed for including long scenes in his work. Having said that, filmmaking and game design are two different arenas. Kojima doesn’t appear to be phased by this, though. He says, “If you can do one thing well, then you can do everything well.”

It was obvious in 1998’s Metal Gear: Solid that Kojima was influenced by films. A 3D update to Hideo’s previous Metal Gear games which were released on 8-bit computers such as the MSX, was a hit on PlayStation. The audience were stunned with the game’s visual atmosphere, orchestral soundtrack and dramatic dialog which set the standard for future triple-A action games. Kojima included longer and longer cutscenes with each new entry into the Metal Gear franchise, which got mixed reviews as some thought the designer sacrificed gameplay for narrative. Many critics asked, “Why doesn’t Kojima just make movies?”

In 2015, Kojima was fired from his long career at Konami. When he then announced his own studio, fans doubted whether the game designer could create a coherent game since now the Konami’s execs weren’t present to pull him back when he got too creative. We didn’t get a definite answer after the studio’s first release, Death Stranding, with some critics appreciating the game while others describing it as a glorified fetch-quest. The game is going to launch later this week.

It’s hard to say if Kojima was serious when he made the comment to the BBC. He said, “in the future, Kojima Productions will start making films,” which is quite vague. He didn’t give details on how he would approach filmmaking, whether he would concentrate on CGI animations or live-action productions or how a film project could impact game projects. Maybe he’s not ready to dive into filmmaking just yet; rather he expressed his desire to make movies. In any case, we are not going to see him making movies soon.


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