Intel’s Core i9-9900 KS to be Released on 30th October


If you are looking to get the best Intel gaming CPU that is not in the X series family, then you’ll have to wait until 30th October which is the release date of the Core i9-9900 KS.

The X series family CPU’s are quite expensive ranging from $590 to $979 which is expensive compared to Intel’s special addition which is said to cost $513.

Core i9-10900X is the cheapest of the X series chips. It has a base speed of 4.7 GHz.

Core i9-9900 KS on the other hand is a top-binned version of its predecessor the 9900K and is reported to reach 5 GHz. This turbo speed runs across all the eight cores and accumulates a base speed of 4 GHz instead of the expected 3.6 GHz.

Although this special addition is an upgrade of its predecessor, gamers will not see great change in performance. However, the major difference will be spotted in games that require multiple cores.

9900 KS is a great pick if you value high factory clock speeds and care less about loading additional cores. If these are your preferences, then what are you waiting for? Go for it, when it will be released that is.

While Intel has done an impressive job, its rival AMD is also planning on a November release. Instead of competing at the 8 core level, AMD decided that not even a 12 core was worth it thus they scaled to a 16 core gaming CPU to outshine all the competition.

AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950 when released would become the world’s first ever 16-core gaming CPU which will prove a worthy opponent for Intel’s 5 GHz 9900 KS.

With Ryzen, AMD has already set the bar for other manufactures to follow. Ryzen had been announced back in September and is set to be released early in November.

AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950 will go for a whopping $ 749 which is more expensive than Intel’s latest edition. It mostly fits within the X series price range which is on the higher side.

If the price is too much for you, you can also check out the 12-core 3900 X which is now readily available in shops.

In terms of highest boot frequency, the 16 core Ryzen goes up to 4.7 GHz with an additional 72 MB cache.

When it comes to performance, AMD’s latest chip is considered to beat the 9900 KS squarely in regards to value, performance and efficiency. The Zen 2 hardware of the 16-core Ryzen operates at 105 watts.

Although Intel’s 9900 KS has been beaten with AMD’s creation, it doesn’t mean the company should turn back against the release of their products. In fact, some gamers may opt to go for Intel’s alternative as it is affordable and efficient.

AMD’s launch date will be somewhere in November. The company has not announced the actual day for their product release.

All in all, Intel’s release will give it ample time in the market before the rival arrives.


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