iOS 13.2 Features New Emojis


Yesterday Apple released iOS 13.2 which packed a number of updates up its sleeves including 398 new emojis.

Apple has made immense efforts in having rapid updates ever since iOS 13 was released on September 19th. iOS 13.1 had been released within a span of less than two weeks because users had complained about its predecessor being not only buggy but also unfinished.

Other users had even decided not to update their iOS for fear of encountering these problems. Gamers who played fortnite for instance, couldn’t play with the new iOS 13 as it cost them valuable life during the game owing to the text editing bar which pops up when the user long presses on the screen during a game.

With the new rolled out iOS 13.2, there are a few new emojis which revolve around people with disabilities, animals and food.

For people with disabilities, Apple had previously announced that it will include people with canes, people on wheel chairs, prosthetic limbs, hearing aid and guide dogs. These emojis are all present in the emojipedia chart.

Food that has been added as was previously announced is a plate with a bar of butter. Apple’s emoji of the butter is surreal when compared to Google’s cartoony version.

A plate of falafels has also been featured and though it is not as appealing as the real deal, users can easily identify what it is.

The next group of emoji that iOS 13.2 has featured is the inclusion of gender neutral people to already existing emojis.

For instance the mermaid emoji is now not limited to the female and male characters. Now there is a third mermaid included in the middle representing neutral gender. This neutral gender mermaid has a short bob cut which is a great contrast from the female’s long hair as well as the male’s very short boyish cut.

Another addition in the emoji section is the new emoji picker which gives you the ability to select multiple skin tones when selecting a single emoji. The shaking hand emoji in iOS for instance can allow you to select the skin color of each individual which is pretty cool!
Apart from the emojis, iOS 13.2 has a couple of other new features such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro’s Deep Fusion Camera mode.

Deep Fusion employs computational photography to improve the medium-light settings immensely. This improvement will definitely raise iPhone 11’s photography savviness a notch higher.

For users who are still second guessing on whether to update to iOS 13 or not, now they have no choice if they want to use the Airpods Pro that comes with the noise cancellation ability.

Airpods Pro which comes with a price tag of $249 is only compatible with iOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2, iPad 13.2 and Watch OS 6. If you want to enjoy the noise cancellation feature it seems you have no choice but to upgrade.

To update to iOS 13.2 as well as iPad 13.2, go to Settings, select on General and dive straight to Software Update. It is that simple.


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