iPhone 5 Users Urged to Update to iOS 10.3.4


If you are an iPhone 5 user, you need to listen up. Apple is urging all iPhone 5 users to ensure they update to iOS 10.3.4 and failure to do so will cost them almost all functionality of their handset.

When Apple is warning about functionality, it is talking about the ability to send and receive emails, conducting online searches, getting apps on App store and your stuff won’t be stored on iCloud.

That’s pretty much everything that an iPhone or any other phone should be able to do and if not, you may as well count yourself phoneless.

The reason behind this urgent update lies in the GPS time rollover situation that was announced back in April. Apparently, the GPS technology which requires accurate time and date to detect location counts the number of weeks and stores them in value of 10-bits.

However, after two decades the count goes back to zero and starts all over again. While modern Apple devices have been developed to withstand these changes, older devices face major problems due to this transition.

Owing to this, owners of older handsets such as the iPhone 5 are thus required to update their iOS to counter this problem. Apple has issues full screen alerts to users of older phones to warn them against losing vital features.

Users have been given up to November 3rd to ensure they’ve moved to iOS 10.3.4 or else risk being closed out of the functionality of their iPhones.

For those who will not have updated, there is still hope as you can back up the content of your phone on a computer and restore it when you have already updated the new iOS. It is highly recommended you do the former as this option entails lots of work.

Unlike the iPhone 5, the 4th generation iPad will only lose its GPS functionality while retaining the other features.

Keeping your device up to date all the time (not only in this situation) is highly recommended. The reason is because you get enjoy all the latest security patches as well as bug fixes.

Postponing on the other hand, puts you at risk of losing vital information to hackers as well as getting problems with some features that need updating.

According to a report by Apple those who will be affected are quite few since most iPhone users who have adopted new hardware are also up to date on the software. The report was conducted as of 15th of October this year.

In as much as the number of users still clinging to the older iPhone devices is small, the company saw the need to inform them by sending them alerts. This shows concern on the part of Apple since they are not letting anything to chance by assuming that everyone has an updated iOS.

iPhone 5 was first launched on September 2012 which marks seven years of not updating for a user who has never done that. The iOS 10.3.4 on the other hand, was rolled out on July 2017.


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