New casino to be opened in Hancock County

In Hancock County, there’s an under developed place called Lakeshore. According to a trusted advertisement, on 1st March, Cure Land Co. of Lakeshore documented an application concerning with the Mississippi Gaming Commission for casino site endorsement. The advertisement also states that, in the Clermont Harbor Subdivision, casino is to be built on a huge property of South Beach Blvd. It is located to the east of Silver Slipper Casino.

It is decided about the casino that, it must provide a greater space for including the maximum possible luxury.

The commission states, as the club is huge, so arrangements for more hotel rooms must be there. In this country, Cure Land Co. is estimated as one of the biggest landowners. It is estimated that in the upcoming days, the present company and the Lakeshore may compete and be a bitter rivals in future.

Also, it is found that, Silver Slipper’s board is talking about including a second tower in the upcoming days. This was confessed by John Ferrucci, the general manager.

The hotel is trying to plan something good, so that this will act as goodwill. The inn is trying to make a jetty and hotel like structure over the water. This will be located in the southwest of the hotel opened in 2015. It guarantees about the view and scenario. It expects the structure to be airy, with water surrounded in all the directions and etc. There will also be an attached conference or a meeting room to it.

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