Oral-B’s Latest Toothbrush Comes With an AI to Guide Your Brushing


Oral B has launched yet another connected toothbrush called the Genius X. The $220 toothbrush comes with an AI which guides you on how well to brush your teeth.

The Genius X is the latest addition on the Oral-B’s Genius line that was first rolled out in 2016. Unlike the latest models, the Genius X will not be requiring the user to follow their brushing with recording on their smartphone.

Genius X connects an app that you download on your phone. The app is connected to your toothbrush via Bluetooth.

Once you start brushing routine, the app embarks on timing how long your brushing takes and that is not the cool part yet. The cool part is it goes ahead to instruct where you should focus on.

With the app’s guidance, you will not miss a spot when brushing. This means there will not be any chance of little bits of food remaining stuck between your teeth.

The toothbrush also uses sensors to track the amount of pressure you are using in your brushing which is very effective. Using too much pressure when brushing not only causes bleeding gums but can also your gums to recede.

Employing low pressure on the other hand, does not ensure food stains or small bits of food are removed during brushing. That goes to show that brushing requires just the right pressure. And how can you tell? Getting yourself an AI backed up toothbrush of course.

During brushing, the sensors of the Genius X send data to the app on your phone. The data is detailed report that uses the “Genius X AI algorithm” to help you better your brushing in spots that require extra attention, understand the amount of pressure required when brushing and improve the length of time for brushing.

The app even gives you a rating on how good your brushing is. Seems you will not need a dental appointment anytime soon because this AI is doing the job for you.

Oral-B has had other connected toothbrushes since 2014. The first release was a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush that was programmable by a dentist. Your dentist could feed personalized instruction for the brush to follow through.

With the ever advancing technology, the Genius X now has an AI to think on its own and give you detailed instruction without input by the dentist.

Another plus for this toothbrush is that it comes with a premium travel case that not only charges the toothbrush but can charge a phone as well.

However, this doesn’t mean you can ditch your dental appointments altogether, because well, it’s just a toothbrush and it can’t possibly cure anything like a tooth ache.

A couple of users have already gotten hold of Oral-B’s latest toothbrush and going by their review, it is quite awesome. The only thing that could be a shortcoming is its high price.

Apart from Oral B, there are other brands that have smart toothbrushes in their line of products. Kolibree and Philips Sonicare are examples of such brands. Just like the Genius X, products from these brands are equally expensive.

If you can afford it, getting the smart brush is a good investment but if you can’t, you better stick to good brushing habits to keep your teeth healthy.


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