Power Point and Microsoft Word can Now Access Adobe Creative Directly


When preparing a presentation for a project or an office report, you probably use most of your time sourcing for images in order to piece up something worthwhile.

Since Microsoft Office did not have such resources available some users turn to online tools which offer an even easier out. With Microsoft Office tools such as MS Word and Power Point, a user needs to source for pictures online and then import them to the platform.

However, this will soon become a thing of the past for users. Microsoft Office has now integrated Creative Cloud on both Microsoft Word and Power Point which will make presentation making easy and speedy.

Adobe, which is a creative software giant, has today announced that Creative Cloud Libraries has been made accessible to the two Microsoft Office products- Microsoft Word and Power Point.

Creative Cloud Libraries is the company’s asset management system which allows users to access, share and manage colors, font styles, logos among other resources. Users can tap into these resources across all Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

An advantage of this integration is that it will make it easier for companies to create uniform branded materials such as flyers and newsletters. Conventionally, we’ve been required to resize a logo or change a font to individual projects which will soon be faced out by the Microsoft Office 365.

With the integration, consistency is achieved through simultaneous updating of various projects. When a change of font is made on a logo for instance, this change is reflected on to other projects you had created across all the Creative Cloud Libraries.

Therefore, this seamless sync keeps all your Microsoft Office projects up to date.

On Power Point, you can access the Creative Cloud Libraries by simply clicking on the Creative Cloud button located on the main toolbar at the upper-right side.

Similarly, when accessing Creative Cloud Libraries on Microsoft Word the Creative Cloud button is located at the top toolbar.

Once you have clicked the button, you can start on your project by simply dragging a logo for instance and start customizing it as per your taste. The Libraries panel has a drop down menu with list of logos, approved colors and character styles.

Apart from fonts, colors and character styles, companies that have the Adobe Stock subscription can now access stock images that they may share to their Creative Cloud Libraries and use on Microsoft Word or Power Point.

To get your Microsoft Office to have the ability to tap into Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries, you will have to get Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 goes for a price of $149.99 in a one-time purchase directly from Microsoft. For installment purchasing, the starting price is $69.99 per year.

If you are looking to save $10 to $20 from your purchase then Adorama is where you should purchase from. To sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud, the monthly plan costs $9.99.

Now that Microsoft Office 365 has been rolled out, it shouldn’t be long to get a detailed review on it. Stay tuned!


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