Replacing AirPods Pro Costs $89 for Each Earbud


When Apple was creating the AirPods Pro they had customers who want premium features in mind because they would be willing to pay the extra cost it comes with.

AirPods Pro costs $249 to purchase, unlike the other AirPods which go for either $159 or $199 if you want a wireless charger to go with it.

The pricing could be worthwhile considering the cool features that come with the earbud. AirPods Pro has an audio technology that promises active noise cancellation which helps you zone out and listen to your music or podcast undisrupted.

It also has the transparency mode which allows you to listen to events surrounding you without having to pause your audio.

AirPods Pro also packs a number of sensors (about six) among them are the dual optical sensors and the motion-detecting accelerometer.

Among the controls that the earbud has, you have the option to say “Hey Siri” and give your command and get it done. For instance if you want Siri to play one of your favorite songs, you just have to state your request and the song starts to play.

Unlike the earbuds, AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant though it is not suitable for water sports.

The battery life of this device is 4.5 hours with a single charge. If Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode are off, the charging time increases to 5 hours. When talking on the phone, the battery life goes for 3.5 hours without requiring a recharge.

With all these out-of-the-world features, it is no wonder the earbud is overpriced. When you lose your AirPods Pro and need a replacement just so you know it will cost you more than replacing the standard AirPods.

If your warranty is up, Apple expects you to dish out $89 per earbud to have it replaced. It costs the same when either replacing or repairing the wireless charging case. In the event that you want a replacement for your misplaced case, the price rises to $99.

This is a huge contrast when compared to the replacement of a standard AirPod which costs $69 to replace or repair an AirPod.

It will cost you $59 to replace a regular case or $69 if you own the wireless charging case. Either way, it is much cheaper compared to the Airpods Pro.

The replacement price is only reduced if you have the AppleCare+ for the headphones plan. In this case, Apple will only require you to pay $29 for each replacement which applies to both the earbuds and the cases.

The AppleCare+ for headphones plan costs $29 for two years and since it is an advantage to reducing the AirPods Pro replacement charges, it is better to subscribe to it.

All in all, the AirPods Pro is a huge investment not only when purchasing but replacing it as well. When buying it you ought to think everything through.

If you have the money, these earbuds are worth it as they come with many extraordinary features. In short, going for the AirPods Pro is simply getting value for your hard-earned money.

However, if you can’t afford this premium targeted earbud, the standard AirPods are just as cool.


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