Roulette Scam at Cyprus first casino

Cypriot city of Limassol, saw the uproar among the police, and arrested a live dealer from C2. According to a report, he was a live dealer, and was arrested under a doubt that he had changed certain things related to the roulette wheel that helped the players to bypass and get €5,800.

This casino employee was taken under action, and, there has been a constant search for the next suspect by the policemen. They think, the next suspect would also be connected to the first man.

The manager of the casino already gave some hints to the policemen relating some unacceptable issues going on inside the casino. It is found that about 18 separate incidents took place that involved changing the roulette wheel. This was inspected from the CCTV cameras, cross questioning the staffs and etc. This thing happened within 6th February to 2nd March.

Melco Resorts and Entertainment, a Hong Kong listed great concern decided to open two casinos at Cyprus and the other be in Limassol. This news triggered the act for finding this fraud case.

Until the main grand casino floor opens in 2021, this C2 casino will run as a temporary casino in Limassol. Cyprus Phassouri (Zakaki) Ltd, the local partner of the casino and hotel company, opened two satellite casinos. One is in Nicosa and the second one is at Lamaca International Airport. Melco has some more plans to come up with. It has only revealed a part of them, rests are yet to come.

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