Salvation Army Red Kettles Are Ready To Implement Mobile Payment Technology


The Salvation Army’s red kettles stores are going to get some serious upgrades this season. All of their stores and businesses will be improved with new pieces of technology, Apple Pay and Google Pay. This means that instead of walking (or driving) all the way to the store in order to donate some money, people will be able to help those in need through their smartphones or smartwatches.

We realize that many shoppers don’t carry much cash, so we hope they can take advantage of this new option,” Major Jesse Collins, Tri-County Commander for The Salvation Army said in a release.

On November 13th, the new Christmas fund-raising efforts will start at Northwoods Mall. The Salvation Army will begin this event with its Three of Lights Kick-off.

This is the second consecutive year as the kick-off ceremonies are being organized at the center court at the Mall.

“We are grateful for the wonderful relationship we have with Northwoods Mall and are looking forward to another great kick-off at center court next week,” Collins said.

The Salvation Army collects about 30% of all the money for the year during the holiday season and this money helps the homeless families and children. In Peoria only, The Salvation Army provided nearly 2,000 with food baskets, coats, and toys.

The Red Kettle was established in 1891 when Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee decided to organize a free Christmas dinner for the homeless, destitute and poverty-stricken. He was inspired by Liverpool’s here was a large, iron kettle called “Simpson’s Pot” that he saw during his stay in England. Like Liverpool’s kettle that helped the poor, his project needed funding. So he did the same, Joseph McFee placed the big kettle at the Oakland Ferry Landing at the foot of Market Street. The kettle had a sign that said: “Keep the Pot Boiling.” From that day on, he had the money to fund his humanitarian efforts. From that moment on, his little project became a national sensation and a beacon of hope for the many.


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