Stunning Light Trails Can Be Captured With Pixel 4’s Astrophotography Mode


One of the most attractive features of Google’s Pixel 4 is undoubtedly its ability to capture the stars using astrophotography. Some Pixel 4 users have now found out that the same feature can be used to capture striking light trails.

When they tried out the Pixel’s astrophotography chops, they were blown away but it can do more. A few examples have surfaced on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube this week which show what you get when moving lights are introduced to this mode.

YouTuber Matt Gonzalez shared an absolutely spectacular shot taken in the desert using the astrophotography feature on the Pixel 4, where a light trail can be seen near the bottom of the shot, seemingly from a passing vehicle.

A Reddit user also shared a photo captured with the Pixel 2 and a modified Google camera app which showed light trails from vehicles moving on the highway. Lastly, a Twitter user shared a photo where a plane passed by when the phone was capturing the night sky, leaving behind a trail from the lights on the aircraft.

There are possibly many such examples of this present on the web and we are sure with some practice, users could easily learn this style too. This was even showcased by Google at the launch event.

It prompts the question of why Google didn’t simply include a manual exposure mode on the phone. But honestly speaking, this astrophotography “trick” is actually much easier than it seems. Thanks to Google’s computational photography, it probably also manages better results.


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