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Synergy Blue Decides an Up-Gradation to Skill-based Games

Synergy Blue, a creator of skill-based game platform carried out a research on 100 casinos, which proved that 70 percent of them want to adopt games which involve more skill. They want to develop a game space where the player needs enough skill to win the game.

The report revealed is quite clear that, casino wants to take skill as away to increase player quality and playing time. Casino is trying out new ways to fit in this growing era of competition and thus, trying ways that will keep their users’ interest same.

In spite of many ups and downs in its revenue market, casino still did not lose the hope. But, still somehow this idea is quite challenging for them, as there are many gamblers prefer the traditional way rather than this one.

Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue, stated, that the development will provide a better place for the gamblers to perform in, but at the same time, this makes the situation more challenging. Because it is still not sure how the users will react to this new up gradation. Thus, this can be a major turning point for casino.

Half of the casino made Gen X’ers as the main target for the growth in upcoming five years. They think, the up gradation will be attractive to 67 percent of new gamblers, and, it will also increase the attractiveness towards the various products of casino by 46 percent. Thus, overall it’s going to provide a total new environment.

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