T-Mobile to Activate its 5G Network on December 6th


Earlier this year, T-Mobile had promised to launch its 5G network before we call it a year. Today, T-Mobile has announced the date for the rollout to be December 6th.

Are we excited? Of course, we are! 5G network has promised us lightning-fast speed and we can’t just wait to check it out. Apart from that, the network is said to be the solution for the future. Now that the start date has been announced, we are ready to step into that future.

In a webcast that was held today, John Legere the CEO together with Mike Severt who is the COO have shared that the network will be accessible to 200 million users immediately the network is activated.

On day one, the network is claimed to cover up to 5000 cities and towns. The signal is also expected to reach both indoors and outside according to the T-Mobile team.

Earlier on the company had hinted that the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G (McLaren edition) and Samsung Galaxy 10 5G will be the first phones to tap into the network.

Previously, T-Mobile had launched the 5G network in six cities with a high-frequency technology known as the millimeter-wave. This same technology has been used and is currently being used by companies such as AT&T and Verizon in their 5G network.

Although the millimeter-wave is great at speed, it faces difficulty in wide coverage. In fact, it struggles to deliver a good network indoors especially where there are obstacles such as trees and buildings which is practically everywhere. Unless this technology was targeting people in the countryside, it would not work well for big cities such as New York.

In light of this, T-Mobile will employ the low-band spectrum instead of the millimeter-wave. The shortcoming of this technology is that it is not as fast as its rival but it offers better coverage. For this reason, Samsung Galaxy 10, and the OnePlus 7T Pro will all use the low-band spectrum as well as the mid-band 5G spectrum from Sprint.

According to T-Mobile, the 5G network will be built on the 4G LTE and not the 4G one because it is faster.

With all these plans underway, nothing will take place unless the Sprint deal pulls through. This is because T-Mobile relies on the company’s spectrum to enable the wide initial coverage. According to Legere, the deal had taken longer to seal than they had expected.

Once the 5G network is launched everyone expects that phone prices will change but Severt made it clear that there would be no extra charges. The aim of the rollout is to launch the network and not to make extra sales.

Luckily for the company, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Justice Department have approved the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. However, the merger still faces resistance from some Attorney Generals.

Depending on the merger approval, T-Mobile will either launch the 5G network on Dec 6th or not. Let’s wait and see.


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