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The Closed Casino’s Sale Cancelled by Atlantic Club

The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel was left empty since 2004, so it was decided to sell the property; but recently the owner of the hotel cancelled a meeting regarding its sell to a company based on Philadelphia.

According to the records of real estate in Atlantic Country, a notice was submitted last month around 19th February between TJM Properties, a Florida-based company, and Jeffrey Smolisnksy of North American Acquisitions. Both of them did not mention any comments relating this, but, Matt Bradley, TJM’s Spokesperson did not accept this sale in the Press Conference of Atlantic City.

According to the LinkedIn profile of the North American Acquisitions, it is found that the organisation is a management concern based on the investments and contributions of Philadelphia. It also stated the names of their senior partner, Smolisnksy be one of them. On the last month a press conference was held, where Bradley stated that, in all these conferences and meetings they did not see the leader talking to them, thus this fact was quite a matter of concern.

TJM purchased the Atlantic Club four months after it was closed, for $13.5 million from the Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation. In 2017, another development group wanted to have Casino and built it as a water park, but the plan eventually failed. Several such deals came up and failed. The notable one was, Stockton University wanted to buy and destroy the construction, only to make parking garages; thus this deal was also declined.

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