The Fortune Global Technology Forum, Day One


The Fortune Global Technology Forum got underway this morning in Guangzhou, China.

Some excerpts from Fortune’s coverage:

Fu Sheng, founder and CEO, Cheetah Mobile

“I think innovation means you are willing to do things that others don’t dare.”

Freeman Shen, founder and CEO, WM Motor Technology

“4G is like driving on the high-speed interstate highway. 2G is like driving on a country road. But 5G is like flying an airplane.”

Simone Song, founding partner, ORI Capital

“I think the (genomic) revolution is definitely here. It’s a combination of revolution[s] of biology and deep machine learning.”

Frank Hester, founder and CEO, TPP

“We haven’t quite had the revolution (in healthcare) and I think that’s because at the moment you still need a doctor or a nurse, it’s very labor intensive. But I think the revolution will come, and amplify the voices of doctors and nurses.”

Olivier Oullier, president of Emotiv….

on how his company’s headsets tracking brain waves can improve workplace performance.

“We expect our brains to conform to the workplace. It should be the other way around. Our workplaces should adapt to our brains.”

Gan Jie, associate dean, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

“I believe there’s no winner in this trade war, and I think the trade war really is a tech war. Without the tech conflicts and the misunderstanding about each other there wouldn’t be a trade war.”

Ben Harburg, managing partner, MSA Capital…

on who wins the trade and tech war

“In the short term, China is being hurt by these decisions…But in the long term, the loser is the United States. I think that forcing self-sufficiency for the Chinese by decoupling supply chains, capital markets, talent, ultimately breeds a system internally of self-sufficiency for China. Capital and talent ends up coming home and is used not only to develop native industries and build dominant global players, but it then is used to address emerging markets, where I believe the real battleground lies.”


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