UK Enforces Compulsory Drone Registration


Drones are exciting gadgets that you can use to either up your home security or take aerial photographs and videos just for fun. You can take virtual tours with your drone and also monitor your child while at it.

However you use your drone, it poses a risk if you are reckless with this ingenious device. For this reason the UK government has seen fit to introduce some regulations regarding it.

If you own a drone in UK, you are required to register it by Nov 30th of this year. Following the chaos caused by drones at Gatwick Airport last year, there have been suggestions to have regulations covering drone ownerships.

Last Christmas, drones had halted flights in UK’s second busiest airport disrupting the travel of thousands of passengers who were traveling for the holidays. This was a great nuisance hence prompting regulation.

Today, the Civil Aviation Authority has announced that all drone operators are required to have their drones registered. The registration process will help link the drones to their owners who can be summoned in case of recklessness.

Registration is also important in an instance when a drone disappears. Once it is traced it can be returned to its operator. You will be required to pay a registration fee of $12 which is relatively cheap.

Apart from the registration process, drone owners will also be subjected to an online education course to give them all the tips for responsible flying. To seal the understanding of the course, a test will be taken as part of the registration process.

After the completion of the registration, all the owners who have undertaken the process will be issued with a unique code which will be added to the drone. This will make the drone identifiable similar to how a car’s number plate works.

Under 13’s are not exempted now that there are regulations in place. In such a case, what is required is that parents register the drone on behalf of their kids. For those who are 18 and over, a flyer ID is issued when the registration process is completed.

The new regulation requires all drones that weigh more than 250g to be registered. Some manufacturers have gone a step further by ensuring that their machine weight does not exceed the limit.

According to the Civilian Aviation Authority, flying an unregistered drone after Nov 30th will have greater repercussions. Offenders will be charged a fine of up to $1290. To be on the safe side, just ensure you register before the deadline. Registration is fairly easy and you can do so by visiting the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Since drones can help enhance your flight skills and turn you into a savvy photographer, you need to find one that suits your taste. There are a number of drones from different manufacturers in the market, ranging from affordable to damn expensive ones.

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