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US Poker Open: David Peters won the title

The 2019 U.S. Poker Open terminated its ten-event mega series today with the completion of Event 10: The $100,000 Main Event. The tournament began with 33 contenders amongst whom, David Peters navigated a tough final table to not only emerge victorious bagging $1.32 million but to rise from the bottom of the table and win the USPO Championship title for an additional $100,000 bonus.

At the beginning of the final table, Winter Sean was the pick to win the USPO title but when he heavily lost money and was left with nothing, it opened the door for Peters, who infact was considered an underdog for this year’s tournament. A win and a win only could have sealed it for Peters, and he delivered by winning one of the most prestigious events on the U.S. soil.

From ’06, Peters has been an effective and victorious participant in the poker tournament circuits, both in the United States and overseas. On the course circuit, he has been nicknamed “The Silent Assassin.” At the World Poker Tour, Peters has pooled in career earnings of over $2,800,000. His profits come from nine flows of cash and three final tables.

Peters’ win allowed him to bag the 2019 U.S. Poker Open Championship, which came with a $100,000 bonus. While Winter was the favorite with five final table appearances and a victory, Peters edged him out thanks to his win combined with a runner-up finish to Winter in Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck for $100,800 and fifth in Event #9: $50,000 NLH for $164,000.

The Top 3 Position Holders For the USOP and their Winnings are:

  1. David Peters United States       $1,584,000
  2. Sean Winter United States       $747,900
  3. Stephen Chidwick United Kingdom   $705,950

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