VIP Gaming facilities by Silver Heritage

An inauguration took place at the Tiger Palace Resort for VIP gaming facilities. The facilities were offered by Silver Heritage. They faced a successful January with an increase of 110% in the month in table drop and a traffic increase of 142%. For the first time since the formation of the company they received such a high result. The casino operators are in great benefit with the introduction of the new VIP gaming operations and turnaround.

Inability to offer table games, led to the downfall of Phoenix International Club in Vietnam. Silver heritage announced that they have asked for an instant trading halt with their contract and functions with the Phoenix International Club in Vietnam. The general manager of Phoenix sent a notice that the table games were no longer incorporated in its altered certificate of investment. The table games were no longer allowed to function on the property.

The casino will therefore remain closed for an underterminate period. As reported on 1st March, 2019, all functions of casino on that particular property was ceased. Silver Heritage also announced that the board was conducting an action on the notice received by the owner of the Phoenix and its authentication with the law. The owner of the phoenix constituted nearly 45% of the non-verified annual income of silver heritage for the year 2018. Silver heritage will update with any extra particulars in the following matter.

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