Xiaomi to Launch its 108 MP Phone


Earlier this year, iPhone 11 Pro was released featuring triple cameras for flashier and professional photography and videography. Next was Pixel 4 which came boasting its dual-cam setup.

Today, Xiaomi has announced it would launch its CC9 Pro 108 MP Smartphone which is said to be among the highest resolution cameras. CC9 Pro’s 108 MP wide-range camera when compared to GFX 100’s 102 MP has more resolution which is pretty impressive. In fact, CC9’s sensor is almost fifteen times larger.

Apart from the wide-range camera, the 108 MP Smartphone packs four other rear cameras. It comes with a 12 MP 2x telephoto, a 5 MP 5x telephoto, a 20 MP ultra-wide lens and a 2 MP 1.75 um macro camera to seal the deal.

To develop the 108 MP ISOCELL sensor, Samsung and Xiaomi came together and worked hand-in-hand on it. It is no wonder that CC9 Pro will compete with the best in its photography prowess.

When it comes to the 5 MP rear camera, Xiaomi announced its wide range hybrid zoom of 10x to 50x. Another way to make use of the phone’s zooming capabilities, you can snap a general photo that is worth 108 MP and crop out the detail you need. You won’t believe how detailed the photo will turn out.

The shortcoming of Xiaomi’s CC9 Pro comes in its small pixel pitch which restricts its performance in low light. With limited light, the phone will have no other option but to work with the 27 MP camera.

In maximum light, the phone operates full force on its 108 MP which can produce HD photos and billboard-size prints of up to 4.24 meters in height. This means that Xiaomi could be used by an organization for their advertising needs when their camera jams, and if that is not phenomenal, what else is?

Coming to the 20 MP rear camera, we see that it possesses an 1170 field of view which means you can capture a wider scenery depending on your needs. With a phone like this, you can have a family get together without fearing that others will be left out. You can even make good photos of views such as sunset and print it out for framing. Quality will still be maintained.

CC9 Pro also offers jitter-free photos owing to its 4-axis optical image stabilizer that works with the ShootSteady tech.

The phone also features the latest Night Mode 2.0 like Pixel 4 and Huawei P30 Pro. It captures RAW photos when in low lighting and through its ability to combine multiple shots, it reduces noise.

Enough about the cameras, other striking features of the phone include; massive battery size of 5260 mAh, 6.47-inch curved display and features Snapdragon 730 G.

Xiaomi’s CC9 Pro will be launched starting tomorrow in China. For the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage the price will be $400 while the 8GB RAM+ 128 GB will be sold for extra $40 at $440. Xiaomi also announced that there will be CC9 Pro Premium Edition which features 8GB RAM + 256GB going for $500.


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