Yet Another Samsung Galaxy Fold Review


With the re-launching of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a second review becomes mandatory. Samsung had canceled the first launch owing to the fragility of the smartphone’s screen.

Users who had purchased the first released were refunded the money at the pre-order stage to pave way for the company to go back to the drawing table and redesign.

So what’s new for this re-launched phone/tablet hybrid? We can comfortably say there are no significant changes but the improvement to cater for earlier shortcomings.

Samsung had promised to do some magic to prevent damage to the OLED screen and they did. The company has stretched out the factory-installed screen protector up to the edges and is covered by the plastic levels.

This will reduce the confusion where people think they can actually peel it off. However, the screen protector just doesn’t help much in protecting the screen which still remains fragile.

The screen protector itself is made of soft plastic that easily gets dented if extra force is applied to it. Part of the unboxing experience goes further to walk you through the warnings when handling the Galaxy Fold among them being to keep fingernails nowhere near the screen.

Another problem that Samsung focused on when remaking the phone is to ensure no debris finds its way into the hinge system. For this, the company has introduced plastic caps at the point where the screen bends.

The hinge has also been boosted with tighter tolerances where there are gaps and to keep the debris out for good, Samsung has reduced the gap that appears when the tablet is folded.

In the event that a piece of debris still finds its way into the hinge, a metal layer has been devised to protect the screen from getting scratched or chipped.

With all these efforts the Galaxy Fold still remains fragile yet very expensive. The smartphone fetches a price of $1980 which is quite high for a phone that you need to be extra gentle with it.

To lure more customers into buying, Samsung offers $150 for a one-time replacement in the first year of purchase. Even so, you need to be extra careful with it.

We’ve purely discussed the hardware part now it is time to reveal the software change. The only software change the company has mapped on the Bixby assistant is on to the power button. It was previously on the fingerprint sensor.

To start using the Galaxy Fold, just like the other smartphones you need to agree to the terms and conditions. We always agree to these blindly without any idea on what it says, right?

Here’s a head start to what you would be expected to sign for when starting to use the phone. First you are required to get an end-user license agreement, accept the Privacy Policy, sign to Google Play Terms and services and Google Terms and services.

So, is it worth it? That is for you the consumer to decide whether you are up for the challenge to live with a delicate phone that costs almost $2000. If you don’t mind, then go ahead.


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